I teach English to individuals and small groups.

Most of my students had five or six years of school English. Their last English class was 15 to 20 years ago, but they’re motivated to learn because many of them need English for work and travel.

What they want is to talk a lot. In school they were in English classes of 20 to 40 pupils and there was no time to practice speaking. I give them a chance to speak and they love it. My job is to wake up their English. We have fun.

I proofread and edit all types of English texts.

Clients often ask me for help because an English text doesn’t sound right to them. Usually it’s too long, complicated, and unclear. We work together until we’re both happy with our improvements. Short, simple, clear ideas are the best.
I make suggestions on how to improve the English version of a website.
I help develop the English versions of company magazines, product brochures, and sales and marketing material.
I polish English language speeches and presentations and teach clients how to successfully deliver them to international audiences at corporate meetings and professional conferences.